Wrongful Death Cases Currently Handled by GLG

Wrongful death actions entail much more complication than other personal injury cases, always requiring the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. From severe injustices like police or prison violence to accidental deaths at the workplace, wrongful death cases are always a complicated web of legal battles and negotiations.

Our goal is to help you obtain coverage for lost wages, funeral expenses, possible successions and other damages. We can help you with every aspect of your wrongful death claim, allowing you time to be with your family and loved ones during this difficult time.

Often when pursuing wrongful death claims, people fail to look at possible survival actions. These actions can ultimately recover damages from the conscious pain and suffering the deceased experienced from the moment of injury to death.

From 18-wheeler accidents to chemical plant explosions, Gaidry Law Group helps our clients receive their due compensation from negligent parties. 

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